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Personalized Mental Health Treatment: Tailored for You

Mental health treatment should be personalized to meet the needs of the individual. Every person is unique, and their mental health treatments should be tailored to fit their personal goals and values.

Beginning with the initial evaluation and diagnosis, we also seek for root causes of symptoms through laboratory and genetic testing, we provide individuals with tailored recommendations for managing their mental health conditions.

What to Expect


Psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis is the process of collecting information about your mental health, behaviors, lifestyle and overall functioning, by talking to a trained professional who can help you identify any mental disorders or problems that may affect your well- being. This includes current symptoms, past treatment responses and family history. We conveniently offer in-person and telehealth appointment options.

After completing the psychiatric evaluation, your provider will discuss the findings and recommendations with you. They will also explain the benefits and risks of different treatment options and help you makes an informed decision about your care. The provider may also provide referrals to other services or resources that may be beneficial to you. You should keep in mind that a psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis is not a label or a judgement of who you are as a person. It is simply a tool to help you understand yourself better and get the best possible care for your needs.


Lab testing is a way of checking your physical health and how it may affect your mental health. Lab testing can help in many ways, such as:

  • Finding out if you have any medical condition that may make your mental health worse, such as thyroid problems, low vitamin levels or infections.
  • Understanding the possible causes of your mental health problems, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalances or genetic factors.
  • Tracking how well your treatment is working, and making any changes if needed.
  • Avoiding or reducing any negative side effects from your treatment, such as liver damage, serotonin syndrome or drug interactions.

Lab testing can give you more objective and reliable information about your mental health status and needs. We will recommend the best type of tests for you.


Genetic testing is a way of checking your DNA to see how it may affect your mental health. It can help find medications that will work best for you and determine what medications should best be avoided for your specific genetic makeup. Genetic testing is done by taking a swab from the inside of your cheek and sending them off to a laboratory that analyzes your DNA for unique biomarkers that indicate how well your body may process medication. If cannot determine “the perfect medication” for anyone; however, it provides valuable genetic insight to aid your provider in the decision-making process.

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